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Looking to choose a Houston grocery delivery Service or to have your groceries delivered by someone who goes grocery shopping for you?

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Send us your shopping list and where to go.

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We carefully choose your groceries and send photos for your approval.

Step 3

Approve everything and then we purchase items.

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Give us an hour or so to deliver to your door.

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Any List, Any Store, Today.

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We can deliver your fresh produce, perfectly cut meat, finest spirits or just about anything you need delivered to save you time, energy and keep you safe from any possible virus infections while public shopping. From your favorite stores right to your doorstep. You choose the Store(s), Basket Size and Frequency of your deliveries.

Delivery Areas

Currently, we are servicing Houston & ALL Surrounding cities.

Delivery Days

Seven Days A Week, 365 Days A Year. If you need it, we will deliver it the same day ordered.* If you order your groceries today, you will receive your grocery delivery the same day if ordered by 6 PM unless your store is closed and unavailable for personal shopping.


8 Reasons To Have Your Groceries Delivered


Keep Safe From Outside Elements & Viruses


Convenient To Use Service


Stress-Free Shopping


Skip Impulse Buys


Take Advantage of Weekly Deals


Use Easy “Clip-less” Coupons


Save Huge Amount of Time


Guaranteed Help Regardless of Situation

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Groceries Today is your grocery shopping personal valet shopping solution to having your groceries delivered by a grocery delivery company in Houston, TX, by a personal valet shopper in or around in surrounding communities. Choose from any of our 28 brands here in Houston TX like 99 Ranch Mart, Kroger, H Mart, H E B, La Michoacana, Randalls, PetSmart Wal Mart, Total Wine & More, Specs, Central Market, Office Depot, Sams Club, Joe V’s, Aldi, Sellers Bro’s, Sprouts, Fiesta, CVS, Rice Epicurean, Costco, Food Town, Target, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods. Surrounding communities like Sugar Land TX, Katy TX, Richmond TX, Rosenberg TX, Fulshear TX, Missouri City TX, Conroe TX, The Woodlands TX, Cypress TX, Spring TX, Friendswood TX, Humble TX, Kingwood TX, Magnolia TX, and Tomball TX, to name a few. If you call Houston TX your home when talking about where you live to those far away, you will most likely have your grocery delivery today by a personal valet shopper that lives in your area. You can keep the same shopper for every grocery shopping trip or choose a new personal valet shopper till you find your “soul mate” that completes you when it comes to personal valet shopping. Our goal is to match you with your soul mate when it comes to grocery shopping or any shopping list you may have and needs to be shopped today.

It’s super simple to get started; everything only takes a few minutes, and once your setup, you’re off to the races to get your valet shopper assigned. Once you’ve paid for your cart size, one of our friendly customer service agents will contact you to verify everything and get any questions answered you might have about the personal valet shopping service you selected. Then once everything is in order, a personal introduction to your grocery shopping valet is the next action. You will receive your shoppers’ personal company contact information next so you can call or text them directly. If you forgot an item on your list or had a craving that wasn’t around till you watched the kit kat commercial, send a text or call before receiving your cart pics for approval. One thing to remember is that your list is the only list being shopped personally for you. It’s in our DNA to go the extra mile and purchase everything you need for you until cart pics for approval are ready. Have a general need and want your shopper to video conference like FaceTime you for support of a specific general item, like seasoning you have a general idea. Still, you want to see selection as an example.

Once your items are purchased, it’s off to the parking lot where containment of the contamination process begins. Research shows that different materials hold contaminants known to cause infection of the Coronavirus resulting in having COVID-19. These contaminants can last on these surfaces for as little as one day to 5 days, depending on the material. Therefore to protect your valet shopper, the delivery vehicle, you, your family, and your home, we will be creating a barrier between the store just shopped and the world outside. Through strategic partnerships, we only use non-toxic, green, biodegradable hospital safe sanitizers, and disinfectants. Within 60 seconds of application, all contaminants cleaned are off of the manufactures packaging material. Also, for 12 hours, a barrier is in place to prevent any further contamination. Therefore once you repackage your meat and wash your produce, you can rest assured nothing to do with any virus or the invisible enemy will be in your home.

Then it’s a straight shot to your grocery delivery address; this can be your home, office, AirBnB, or public venue rented for the day. A crucial part of your delivery is ensuring things like Ice Cream or Milk don’t spoil. We are an extension of your hands and feet for the day. Your list is our command and is always delivered immediately. If you know you are going to be sleeping when your groceries delivered, make arrangements before were to leave them. You can have received by a neighbor, placed on your back porch, or in a garage fridge waiting filled. It’s that easy! Super simple process to have your groceries delivered and use a grocery delivery service here in Houston TX and surrounding communities like The Woodlands TX, Sugar Land TX, Fulshear TX, Katy TX, Rosenberg TX, Richmond TX, Missouri City TX, Conroe TX, Spring TX, Cypress TX, Friendswood TX, Kingwood TX, Humble TX, Magnolia TX, and Tomball TX to name a few.

Concerning what stores we shop for your list, that’s up to you. We have chosen 28 different brands or chains as a base here in Houston TX like Kroger, H E B, Randalls, Wal Mart, Specs, Office Depot, Sams Club, Aldi, Sprouts, CVS, Costco, Target, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Food Town, Rice Epicurean, Fiesta, Sellers Bro’s, Joe V’s, Central Market, Total Wine & More, PetSmart, La Michoacana, H Mart & 99 Ranch Mart. If you have a retail store not mentioned above, just let one of our customer service agents know, and we will verify the store’s current shopping policies and add to our list for you.

It’s never been so simple of a process to use a grocery delivery service. I know you are going to love the service, the ease of use, and the creation of a personal relationship with your valet shopper that we will change your personal valet shopper every week until you meet the one when it comes to personal valet shopping.

Fall in love with our company, Groceries Today? Many do, and yes, we are always hiring since we are adding more clients that want to have their groceries delivered here in Houston, TX. If you live in Houston TX and surrounding communities like Tomball TX, The Woodlands TX, Magnolia TX, Sugar Land TX, Humble TX, Fulshear TX, Kingwood TX, Katy TX, Friendswood TX, Rosenberg TX, Cypress TX, Richmond TX, Spring TX, Conroe TX, or Missouri City TX to name a few, let us know you are interested in working for the most awesome grocery store ever to exist if you like to go grocery store shopping at any of the 28 brands we shop.

COVID-19 Update, a new containment of contamination process implemented to keep you and your family safe from the invisible enemy outside. This Groceries Today process will continue until a vaccine is released. Our country is not safe from the invisible enemy that is causing COVID-19 contamination in our grocery stores across Houston, TX.

Price gouging/ increasing grocery store retail prices is forbidden. As a client, you only pay the exact amount your groceries cost when grocery shopping for you, no markups of groceries or other items needing a grocery delivery service. Your grocery shopping service shopper gets 50% of the fee collected for service minus any additional costs associated with doing business like credit card processing fees, etc. If you would like to tip your Groceries Today shopper, you can do it when your list is submitted or after delivery. Tipping is not required, however, encouraged if you so desire.

If you have a shopper card for any of the chains we shop like Sams Club, Kroger, Costco, H E B, Fiesta, Randalls, 99 Ranch Mart, Wal Mart, Specs, H Mart, Office Depot, Aldi, Sprouts, La Michoacana, CVS, PetSmart, Target, Trader Joe’s, Total Wine & More, Whole Foods, Food Town, Rice Epicurean, Central Market, Sellers Bro’s, or Joe V’s let us know so we can get your shopper points or use your clipless coupons on your account.

Due to individual store policies during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, we are not allowed to return any items for you once purchased. Pictures of your shopping cart sent before groceries purchased to prevent unwanted items purchased for your grocery delivery. You will always receive a copy of your grocery store receipt for your records. If you did not receive any item on arrival, please contact our office immediately. Things happen, while we aim for perfection; if we drop the ball, we will always pick it back up and make everything right as we take responsibility for your grocery delivery service.

It’s all straightforward, think Any List, Any Store, Delivered Today. We are your concierge service available seven days a week, 365 days a year to do your personal shopping service and are here so we can cater to your shopping needs.