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Groceries Today was started in a time where uncertainty was the norm in an effort to do our part of keeping America Safe. As current government studies point out, we will be in this uncertain time until a vaccine is released to the masses to protect us from an unprecedented virus contamination of the world we live in.

What makes Groceries Today different during this worldwide pandemic, is our containment of contamination process offered to our clients.

Upon request, all manufacturers packaging excluding produce and fresh foods shrink wrapped are sanitized/disinfected using hospital-grade supplies formulated to kill Coronavirus, including the COVID-19 strain within 60 seconds of application with a 12-hour shelf life to continue the stopping of any additional spreading of the virus after leaving the store items purchased at. This containment process happens at the store level prior to being loaded by your driver in their delivery vehicle.
We know you have a choice, and even know you can mask and glove up to do your shopping yourself. Knowing this pushed us to create a culture based around our employment enjoyment concept that shines through our drivers and staff doing their responsibilities above and beyond with pleasing the client as our top priority.

Our promise is to treat you as we would our own mother on Mother’s Day, her special day.

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Understanding the current situation others have placed us in, leaves us responsible for protecting ourselves and the loved ones we call family whether blood-related or not. While we can’t live in a bubble, your groceries and other items can be protected from contaminating what is most precious to us both, YOU & YOUR FAMILY!

Currently Groceries Today is hiring over 400 people across Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas & FT Worth. If you are in need of income and this sounds like the most awesome job in the world, we would love to meet you. While we can’t hire everyone, if your awesome like us, we will find a place for you.

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