Supporting the Health and Safety of our community through aggressive sanitization and disinfecting of items being delivered.

As the COVID-19 pandemic goes on, our team is committed to continuing to deliver throughout Houston and Surrounding communities ensuring our clients and shoppers can safely use our services.

Our team is working closely with health officials to update our policies as this crisis continues to evolve. According to NBC News, researchers already know Coronavirus can live on the packaging of items inside local grocery stores. Vendors, Customers, and even Workers as we’ve seen in meat processing plants that had 350+ test positive as asymptomatic and in stores like wall mart who had 80+ employees test positive. Due to the 1-4 days window of contamination possible, we have taken the following stance to do our part in Keeping America Safe from the invisible enemy.

As our part in keeping our communities safe, we have adopted an aggressive solution to delivering items purchased for your home or office during this pandemic. Our containment of contamination process is available to stop the spread of COVID-19 at the source of contamination.

Our non-toxic biodegradable green containment of contamination process is designed to create a 99.99% barrier between stores you are receiving groceries or items from and your home or office within 60 seconds of application and up to 12 additional hours after disinfected.

Upon request, all manufacturers packaging excluding produce and fresh foods shrink wrapped are sanitized/disinfected using hospital grade disinfectant formulated to kill Coronavirus, including the COVID-19 strain within 60 seconds of application with a 12-hour shelf life to continue the stopping of any additional spreading of the virus after leaving the store items were purchased at. This containment of contamination process happens at the store level prior to being loaded by your driver in their delivery vehicle. The driver then discards gloves after items are disinfected and proceeds to deliver items with a new pair of gloves upon arrival of your delivery destination.