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The delivery window is from 9AM until about 9PM for end of day orders placed by 6PM. The actual delivery time for your order will depend on when your order is dispatched, how busy your store selected is, and how many items are on your list. Our goal is to meet or beet your delivery time expectations confirmed on your confirmation call once your shopping list submitted.

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Approve everything & then we purchase items.

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Once you submit your shipping list, your list and entered information will be verified and your delivery driver is dispatched immediately electronically via our secure network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver to my area?

We deliver to ALL Zip Codes Currently located in Houston, Texas OR around Houston Border. Cypress, The Woodlands, Katy, Richmond, Humble, Sugarland, etc. are a few examples around Houston. See map and call if any questions to check your area.

Is there any extra charges to my shopping list?

No, our shopping cart size pricing listed on home page and order form is the ONLY money Groceries Today receives. We do not charge you more than the actual cost of items. If your store is having a sale, then you’re getting the sale price not an increased pricing like many subscription services are doing to make money with cheap delivery fees. Companies need to make money and we understand that, we believe your actual costs should reflect the actual market price if you were doing the shopping at your local store.

What if I put in an order in and need it delivered by a certain time?

Our drivers are dispatched your order immediately upon receipt once verified correctly. While we can’t promise you a certain time of day due to circumstances out of our control such as traffic, store volume, list size, and let’s not forget sometimes the lines to checkout are crazy long. However, our customer service managers will find out what’s a good time window and what’s bad and not acceptable before order dispatched so everyone is super happy and expectations can be met.

What if I’m not home to receive delivery?

The majority of our customers are not home or in bed when their goods are delivered. When you order, just let us know if there is a good place to leave your items ordered. Our drivers are used to following all sorts of instructions, from leaving on front or back porch, behind shrubbery or with a neighbor.

Can I add items once order is placed and dispatched?

Yes and No, yes if your driver is still at the store you asked us to shop at for you. Drivers make contact with clients upon receipt of your order. You will have a direct contact number and can call your driver directly up until final approval of your order before checking out. Once final check out is complete, we are unable to add additional items.

Can you deliver to my office , Airbnb or public venue?

Absolutely, we can route your delivery to any location you request. When your customer verification call is made to verify shipping list, just let us know the window we have to make the delivery within so our drivers don’t shop when the doors are locked at closing.