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Grocery Delivery Costs, What Are You Really Paying For?

What you see is not always what you are charged. In business, you always follow one main rule. You must find a problem the masses are experiencing and solve it by taking away the pain the issue is causing. You can proceed with the business plan if that condition is met. The question, how much does grocery delivery cost? It is a significant issue being solved to keep everyone safe social distancing. Another question you might have had, who delivers groceries? Here is what information I have found for us concerning cheap grocery delivery services in Houston.

December 27, 2019, was the birth of COVID-19 entering the world. After this day, a series of events would take simple things like grocery shopping away from us as a society and thinking about who delivers groceries. Was this the end goal of the men or women who created this worldwide pandemic? Did these people even think about who delivers groceries? When the

COVID-19 strain was developed in a lab, was it geared to force us to use a grocery delivery service and be talking about grocery delivery costs? I doubt it; there is more to world domination than keeping us out of the grocery stores.

Heck, I heard a joke the other day where a man asks Siri if the Coronavirus was brought here to make us all democrats, and the answer made me laugh so hard. Siri said, if you mean that the virus has us all staying at home not doing

anything, waiting on a check and the government to take care of us while we are

told do nothing, then yes, we are all being prepped to be democrats. While this may not be the case, we know the virus has not come to fruition by chance, but it is here. It is forcing us a society to choose a grocery delivery company

while we ride this pandemic out until a vaccine is available, so we are protected. Is there such a thing as cheap grocery delivery? 

In my opinion, grocery delivery costs are in the

“you get what you pay for” answer. Is cheap grocery delivery an option? Let me break it down and expand my thoughts. I’m a simple guy, so I

think, but maybe not when I expand on how simple I am. Grocery shopping is like church to me in a sense. It is a sanctuary of food and intimate areas. Not looking at every seasoning available when picking the perfect one for the 1″

T bones just picked out on sale by 66%, o yeah, that would be a sin! Lol, Who even delivers groceries and can deliver like I like it done? 

On a serious note, I do like things in a particular way. Can we stray away from talking about grocery delivery costs and cheap grocery

delivery for a minute. Let’s talk deli; I enjoy the Tavern Style Ham cut on a 1. Any other Ham and my sandwich I have become accustomed to doesn’t taste the same. The cheese, an excellent American, was also sliced on a 1; however, two pieces were laid on a sheet of paper then another. After leaving the deli, I

strolled down through the bakery, stopping at the kids’ reduced cart. The cookies or such seam to go instantly when at home, and we get so much more bang for the buck. After the bakery usually is the seafood section and I will admit I watch when the lobsters go dirt cheap, and when they do, I’m all over it.

Something about the experience of socializing and enjoying the environment with everyone. It was way better before all of the social distancing, I was looking through old photos the other day, and one popped up of my two little ones in a double cart with all these cups and napkins of samples they had collected was

so cute. Just the chef cooking a new recipe in the middle of the store and letting you see if you liked it before trying yourself will be missed for a


While I’m hopeful and pray about this issue, we are all having will come to an end. It’s here, and grocery delivery costs must be a new standard budget item to include when preparing for the future. It’s no secret of how to make money when in business, buy low, sell high, and charge a reoccurring cost to retain long term customers. When it comes to the grocery delivery apps like Instacart & Shipt as examples, you are paying the fee for the item they have set the price for, not the store price you are requested to shop. The range is 15-80% markup, so $100 would cost from $115-$180 depending on what items were in your cart. An easy experiment to see your grocery delivery cost is to make a shopping list; you can download a printable file here from us. Take this list and shop it for one week at the grocery store of your choice. Please mask up and wear goggles to block all mucus membranes’

entry points and use gloves. Then take the same list and order through the service you are using now if one. You now know the actual grocery delivery cost. You’ll see what I’m saying is the point on. Also, check out the facts 

You then add the membership fees you pay monthly, yearly, or per order in some cases when factoring the actual costs of service. This

is how you answer the question of the hour, “How much does grocery delivery cost?”

Your other alternative is using a company like Groceries Today, when looking at grocery delivery costs. They are your personal shopper of Any List at Any Store delivered Today. The description above of how I love my shopping experience is exactly how I’m getting my groceries still today without being in the store. Let me tell you its real, and I love it. It starts with me emailing or texting my concierge my shopping list and sometimes lists to

multiple stores. Its that easy, then my personal shopper texts me to see if it is an excellent time to chat, verify what has been requested, and ask if I want to shop with him. This doesn’t sound like cheap grocery delivery, but it is! Yes,

I said shop with him, he’s the same shopper I’ve now used for three months at every store I have needed anywhere in Houston. We have a bond, it’s plutonic, or should I say shoptonic at this point. I don’t have to tell him what ham I

like or how I like my cheese sliced. When he gets to the bakery cart, I receive pics if I’m not on his neck. By on his neck, sometimes I want to see how my shopping is going or to pick out my fresh produce, I can choose to facetime and

see everything as it’s happening and put in my two cents when I want to those days. Most days, I just let him do what he does best, deliver my groceries, and errands to my doorstep sanitized and disinfected. The charge for this cheap grocery delivery, $48 a store is what I pay, and I’d gladly pay double its so good. Keep this in mind when trying to figure out how much does grocery delivery cost. Customer Service is what you pay for; the experience is what you

get when using Groceries Today

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