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HEB Delivery, How Does It Compare?

If you have been a resident of Texas for just a short time, you have seen, been to, or shopped at HEB ( ) guaranteed. HEB, named after it’s founder Howard Edward Butt otherwise known to locals as “Here Everything’s Better,” operates 300+ stores in over 150 different communities across Texas headquartered out of San Antonio, Texas. According to the progressive grocer, HEB controls 55% + of the Texas grocery market, making it, otherwise known as HEB home delivery, something huge here in Texas and why the aggressive plan was rolled out to acquire Austin based Favor Delivery. 

It was February of 2018 is when home delivery for HEB became the start of something huge for this grocer. HEB teamed up with, an Austin based company when HEB acquired it so they could get skin in the game and control grocery delivery that was happening out of their local stores. The acquisition was a strategic investment in technology and an instant 50,000 employees, otherwise known as their runner network for

HEB across 50 cities in Texas. Before the purchase of Favor, HEB home delivery was called HEBtoYou and already included shipping groceries to 48 states and military bases worldwide. 

So how does Favor make money for HEB? It’s simple and almost exactly like most other technology-based providers like Instacart. On Favor’s website, states that a 5-16% service fee will be to your items in addition to a yearly membership fee or $10 a shopping trip plus tip for your runner starting at $2 minimum. The practice of marking up the prices of groceries seems to be shared in most grocery delivery companies competing with home delivery for HEB customers. 

But what if you want the same person to shop for you when you want home delivery for HEB stores close to you? Getting the same shopper won’t happen, and chances of it happening are slim to none if you order through HEB or Favor. Customers using a personal valet shopping service like Groceries

Today can choose to have their shopping list shopped at HEB or ANY STORE in the Houston area and get the same personal shopper when they need HEB home delivery. One of the best things is getting to keep the same shopper for ANY LIST at ANY STORE you want to shop at when using Groceries Today for your HEB delivery needs. 

What’s different is when you use Groceries Today based out of Houston, your shopper, gets to form a relationship with you getting to know what you like and what your preferences are concerning your grocery needs. It is just not groceries you can have picked up. Pet supplies from other places like Petco, PetSmart, or Pet Supplies Plus are available, and your shopper can even stop while on your HEB home delivery run. Need office supplies HEB delivery doesn’t carry, your shopper will stop by Office Depot or Office Max to finish your shopping list. With Groceries Today, they shop Any List at Any Store and deliver the same day, guaranteed. 

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