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How to Get Wine Delivery in Houston

Delivery of Fine Wines

Don’t you think it’s harsh to go shopping when you have finally made up your mood to put the world at hold and dissolve in the intoxicating effect of wine? We won’t believe you if you say no. Whether you want to escape an exhausting day or organize a date for that special one, you often feel the need for premium-quality wine delivery.

The pandemic is mentally draining for many of us. It is natural to want a bottle of rich and classic wine to relax. However, it is not feasible to run down to a wine seller on a whim. Nielsen, the US market research firm, has estimated that the sale of alcoholic beverages shot up by 243% as of March 21st. This increase has happened due to two factors:

  1. Social distancing owing to COVID 19
  2. The rise in demand for speedy services which save time in the competitive work-from-home atmosphere.

We analyzed details to give you a consolidated list of wine delivery services that are promising. We considered components such as hygiene, speed, and customer-friendliness to pick the top choices for you.

What Stores in Houston Deliver Wine?

Many wine shops that previously offered shop-only services have extended to render quick wine delivery:

  1. Total Wine:

The independently-run Total Wine and More offer quick delivery of extravagant wines, wine glassware and other accessories. They deliver taking a margin of two hours. The delivery fee depends on the location. The order minimum is 49$.

  1. Houston wine merchant:

That is a no-brainer answer to the question, “what stores deliver wine?”. Houston wine merchant is a popular store that continues to expand services for more consumers. The order minimum of this store is $34. It takes a margin of six hours to deliver locally. In case you want a speedy delivery, you will have to place a call at the store.

  1. Richard’s Liquor:

This popular store offers a reliable delivery with a cost-minimum of 49$. They do not provide online booking. You can call them to place the order.

As you would have noticed, these top-notch wine stores and many others have committed themselves to fulfill the demand of their consumers. However, their delivery services are not a feasible alternative. They make wine delivery tedious because of three reasons:

  1. Expensive price ceiling
  2. The hassles of booking over a call
  3. The broad time margin.

If you are looking for practical alternatives that offer same-day wine delivery, we have you covered.

Try Houston’s Own I Deliver Groceries Today Online Service

As we faced the same problems as you, we started our own online delivery services. Now you do not have to miss the chance of purchasing classic-quality wines from shops you like. We deliver wines from the best stores of Houston such as Spec’s WinesTotal Wine And More, Sportsman Liquor, Houston Wine Merchant, Premier Fine Wine, etc.

You no more have to wonder, what stores deliver wine? We have covered stores that do not provide delivery as yet. This is because we value our customer’s choices and demands. That brings us to the next point– we function 365 days a year from 9 AM to 9 PM. That means we deliver on weekends. We understand that’s when you need our services the most. No matter how big or small your order is, we aim to provide same-day delivery(as long as stores are open) at low costs.

Place your order on our website and your personal valet will immediately run to the local store. They will click pictures of your product and send it from approval. As soon as you give them a thumbs up, they make the payment. Within an hour or so, your personal valet will ring the bell with a completely sanitized package.

Now you know your choices. Don’t have the energy to visit the local wine store on a Sunday? Place your order, and we promise to give you a quality experience.

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