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Is Houston Grocery Delivery Right For You?

No matter which way you slice it, grocery delivery, grocery delivery service, online grocery delivery, OR grocery delivery near me, they all point to one thing with the same common goal. The need to have groceries delivered to our home, office or just a place we are having an event for the day is the common end goal. With so many different services and apps, if you are like me, they are confusing for the most part. You might have questions concerning how to choose a grocery delivery service. 

Here are some of the questions I had:

  1. Can I use digital coupons linked to my shopper number at stores I frequent like Kroger as an example when I use online Houston grocery delivery? 
  2. Will I get the sale prices as advertised with a grocery delivery service? 
  3. Can I have my shopper number inputted, so I get the fuel savings I am used to getting when I go to the grocery store? That up to a $1.00 off a gallon of gas helps and is appreciated. 
  4. Can I have specific requests on certain items? Like my bananas not being green but more yellow bc riper and ready to eat or that I want a piece of paper between each piece of cheese when the deli slices it. 
  5. Can I pre-order everything from an online grocery delivery service and have set up to be delivered at an exact time on the date I need it to arrive?
  6. Will I pay the same price for my groceries when I pick them up, or is there an upcharge when I use a grocery delivery company? 

While I had many other questions, these were the most important to me when trying to decide who to use for a grocery delivery service. Let me sum it up with what I found out. If you do not use a personal valet type service for online grocery delivery, you will sometimes be paying as much as 80% more for an item! Yes, I said your groceries can be up to 80% more than if you went grocery shopping yourself plus the membership fees grocery delivery near me charge on top of the order. 

Let us start with that first question of can I use digital coupons for my groceries ordered with a Houston grocery delivery service. A simple answer is NO; you cannot use digital coupons because companies like instacart mark up your groceries 15-80% more than they are paying. With just a yearly membership fee, it’s how they profit from your order every time you use the online grocery delivery service. Choosing a personal valet type service for your grocery delivery that charges you for the actual grocery shopping service and doesn’t upcharge you is what you need to look for when trying to use digital coupons with grocery delivery. 

Sale prices are pretty much in line with the same concept as above. If your local grocery store runs $1.00 off each item, if you buy 5 OR is having a considerable T bone steak sale at 60% off, you will not get these exclusive sales from an online service like instacart. One new thing I’ve noticed is that online grocery delivery companies like instacart are running their in-app sales by discounting the 15-80% markup they have added to your groceries. When you select a grocery shopping service, verify you are ONLY paying what the item cost’s at the store if you were to pick up, not an inflated price. When researching this blog, one of my friends said they bought the same things for $44 that cost $72 with instacart a popular grocery delivery due to the markup of prices as an example. No wonder instacart is worth 18 billion dollars.  

If you are like me, I have a shopper number at every grocery store, which is my phone number when I registered, so I don’t have to remember different ones. My favorite store is the grocery store is Kroger, due to getting up to $1.00 off each gallon of gas at its fuel center. Sure I have to spend money to get the fuel points, however now with the new VIP program, $500 in groceries gets me $1.00 off at Kroger fuel center as an example. If I don’t input my grocery shopper number, no one, including me, gets the fuel points. Upon researching, I can only find groceries today as a grocery delivery service to make sure I get my points. They will input your customer number if it is your phone number at checkout, so the fuel points are not lost. Groceries Today is the best grocery delivery near me I can find. 

Specific requests, special handling, precise instructions concerning grocery delivery services is unusual in itself. The main issue that was across all providers had to due with pride of employee completing the online grocery delivery service for the app ordered from. I’m picky on several levels concerning my groceries purchased. While shipt was friendlier to me and provided shopper access to communicate, once I found my shopper soul mate who did everything as requested and perfect, I found out the chances of ever getting her again were the same as winning the lottery. Every time I would need to go over every detail concerning each item, I had a particular need or request. That wasn’t the case at groceries today. My shopper assigned the first time could remain the same next time, or I could request a new shopper till I found the one that was perfect for me. WOW – Finally, a real personal shopping service so I could know things were going to be the same as last time I used online grocery delivery services. 

Concerning setting up orders in advance, almost all the grocery delivery services researched had this feature to some degree. I found most of the online grocery delivery services to be distant and not concerned about me and what I wanted. In today’s gig economy of rideshare services like Uber or grocery delivery services like instacart, customers are numbers and not valued. My friend was cooking spaghetti she told me the other night. Everything ordered for the recipe, and basil was one of the items. She received a basil plant to put in the ground and grow her basil for a later time. The mistake was not acceptable because the recipe called for basil seasoning. Of course, nothing was done to correct mistake shopper made; once purchased and delivered, it was hers to keep. 

It is fantastic to live in Houston, Texas, where groceries today exist as a personal shopping service for grocery delivery from any store. The best grocery delivery near me I could find. They will purchase anything on my list the store carries. Every sale, promo, or unique digital coupon can be used, and my groceries cost the same amount as if I purchased them myself. Sure, a shopping fee applied, but with a large family, the last thing I want is $200 worth of groceries costing me $300-$400 with a company like instacart. Check the prices charged, get every penny savings you can at the store level, and make sure if something isn’t delivered correctly, that the company will remedy the problem immediately as my friend had with her basil. A company like groceries today will send a supervisor over to handle any challenge. However, the pictures they text from the store of your basket show you clearly what you are getting before your list is purchased and delivered. That’s the way personal valet shopping should be when Houston grocery delivery is involved. 

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