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Will The Future Be To Only Order Groceries Online?

December 27, 2019, came and who would have known the domino effect every single human worldwide would become subject to based on a series of events not associated with anyone imparticular. On this date, the future of getting our groceries delivered from an online grocery shopper was not just a luxury service any longer. The fate of the human race was now the concern echoed around the world. Gone were the days of proper etiquette of a simple handshake to a business college or a family hug to grandma upon seeing her. Those actions replaced with elbow bumps and distant waives 6′ apart. As we knew before, the world was now a place where being around others would not be permitted if we were to survive this new era of living for survivability.

As humans, we have a primal need to eat to survive.  But how would 328 million people here in the United States eat if we are to stay away from others as the leading long term answer to surviving? Simple, we would order groceries online and use others as runners and valets to do our grocery shopping. We were already introduced to a gig type world when Uber & Lyft pretty much took over how we got rides when we needed one. The old days of using Yellow Cab or a Taxi type service were thrown out the window.  The same concept is happening when people order groceries online instead of masking/suiting up and driving to a grocery store.  We as humans don’t want to be a grocery shopper that has to stay six feet away from others or watch how over 50% of the employees are wearing masks but have their noses sticking out because it’s hard to breathe. It is way more comfortable just to become an online grocery shopper and order groceries online. Staying home keeps us safe, away from grocery stores that have reported over 10,000+ coronavirus infections nationwide with 100+ deaths of front line essential grocery store workers, according to the press.

The main thing to watch out for is price gouging when you stop being a grocery shopper that goes to a grocery store. Instacart users have reported up to eighty percent higher on some products. That would be a $1.00 item costing up to $1.80. Imagine a family of four who spends $180-$300 a week is now spending $207-$540 if we use the 15-80% markup factoring to calculate. Services like Groceries Today ( ) who charge a flat shopper fee per cart size are your best way to get the most bang for your buck when you order groceries online. You can even use digital coupons and get fuel points on your frequent shopper cards.

When researching information for this blog, a prominent businessman and CEO of a significant grocer had stated he saw the future of grocery stores going to massive warehouses. These grocer machines would pre-shop and have your online grocery order ready for pick-up or sent out on delivery. Going to a grocery store to shop seams to be dwindling,  pointing us to becoming an online grocery shopper who orders from our smartphone instead. It would be a massive online grocery store that the public was not welcome.

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